1. VISITATION will happen at the jail fence at the sidewalk. Jailor will direct you to appropriate location. You will be required to stay 3 feet from the fence. You will communicate through the fence.
  2. DAY AND TIME: Visitation day is Saturday 9:30 to 10:10 and 10:15 to 10:55 . Individual inmate’s times are set according to their cell location. Ask your loved one or call the jail for your time.
  3. FREQUENCY OF VISITS: Each inmate may have a maximum of two (2) visitors during each visitation period.
  4. DURATION: Each inmate will be permitted to visit each visitor on designated visiting days for a period of forty (40) minutes.
  5. CHILDREN: No person under 17 years of age will be permitted to visit an inmate unless accompanied by an approved adult visitor. Children (anyone under 17 YOA) will be permitted to visit only on a specified day, pre-approved by the jail administrator. Children are permitted in the lobby area ONLY on Children’s Visitation Day. Only the biological, adopted or stepchildren of an inmate may visit.
  6. SEARCH: All visitors will be subject to search pursuant to state law and may be barred from visitation privileges for cause (intoxication, unruly behavior, creating a disturbance) and removed from the inmate’s approved visitation list at the discretion of the Jail Administrator.
  7. IDENTIFICATION AND SIGN-IN: All visitors will register at the front counter with the officer conducting visitation. All visitors shall be required to show positive identification (photo ID) before being allowed to visit. Children will not be required to have photo identification but may be required to show a copy of their birth certificate on children’s visitation day.
  8. INMATE’S VISITATION LIST: As a general rule, visitors will not be allowed to visit an inmate if the visitor is not on the inmate’s approved visitation list.
  9. DRESS: Visitors WILL dress appropriately. No provocative and/or revealing clothing will be permitted. If jailor deems your dress as inappropriate, then you will not be allowed to visit.
  10. UNAUTHORIZED VISITS: Visitors shall use the sidewalks when on Jail Property. Visitors shall not walk across the grass and approach an inmate housing area in an attempt to communicate with the inmates. Visitors who violate this rule are subject to prosecution for criminal trespassing. Visitors may also have their visiting privileges taken away for unauthorized visits.

Funds may be deposited on an inmate’s account by giving to the jailor. you will be given a receipt for your deposit.



Atkinson County S.O. Investigation “TIP” line

If you have any information concerning Drugs, Theft, Burglary’s, or any other crime, you can pass on this information to your Atkinson County sheriff Office. (NO) personnel information about you, will be given out to anyone, your email address, name and home address will be kept confidential. If there is an award leading to the arrest of a person, or persons. We will contact you. Thank you for any information you may bring forward, in our efforts in fighting crime in our county.

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