The Atkinson County Sheriff’s Office will serve the citizens of Atkinson County by professionally and efficiently maintaining peace, protecting life, protecting property and providing service to the community in accordance with the constitution of the United States of America and the State of Georgia. More specifically, the duties of the Atkinson County Sheriff’s Office include providing professional law enforcement, operating the Atkinson County Jail, serving as an officer of the Courts to provide safety and security, and serving criminal warrants, subpoenas and civil processes.

Goal 1

Provide a professional law enforcement presence and response for the safety and security for Atkinson County. Train and recruit the best and brightest employees for the Office of Sheriff.

Goal 2

Safely serve all criminal warrants received by the Sheriff’s Office which are sent by the Courts and other agencies both in and out of state.

Goal 3

Promptly serve all Civil Processes received by the Sheriff’s Office which are sent by the Courts and other agencies both in and out of state.

Goal 4

Maintain the Sex Offender Registry for Atkinson County.

Ensure all Offenders are properly registered and that information is correctly reported to the Georgia Crime Information Center.
Ensure quarterly verifications are completed and offenders not in compliance are prosecuted.

Goal 5

Operate the Atkinson County Jail in a safe and constitutional manner.

Ensure proper training for jailors.
Ensure the safety and well being of all inmates let to our charge.
Ensure proper staffing within the facility and appropriate scheduling.

Goal 6

To make safe and timely transports of Inmates and Mental Health Patients to various prisons and institutions throughout the state.

Provide proper training and equipment for the transport of various classifications of individuals.
Ensure the fleet is in safe and prepared condition for transporting inmates and patients.

Goal 7

Maintain a safe and secure Courthouse for all Judges, Employees and the General Public.

Ensure all Deputies/Court Security Officers are properly trained using the security devices and tools available at the Courthouse.
Staff all Courts with an adequate number of trained Deputies to oversee all Courts in session.

The Atkinson County Office of Sheriff currently provides court security for Superior Court, The Probate Court, The Magistrate Court, and The Juvenile Court of Atkinson County. The Sheriff’s Office serves a large number of civil processes and criminal warrants every year. The Deputies are responsible for inmate transfers to the Department of Corrections and Mental Health Transports to locations throughout the State of Georgia. The Atkinson County Office of Sheriff monitors an average of 30 sex offenders, investigates, and pursues prosecution of offenders in violation. The Sheriff’s Office operates in the Courthouse Annex.