Sheriff David Moore


The Atkinson County Sheriff's Office cares about what you think of the kind of service it provides to the community. Information provided by you helps the department deliver the best possible law enforcement service to the community of Atkinson County. Your input will be used to help shape programs, priorities, training, and discipline so that we may continue to live up to our reputation for excellence.

Our policy is to give appropriate supervisory attention to all public feedback whether it is in the form of a commendation or a complaint. We will forward commendations to the named member and thoroughly investigate any complaints we receive. That includes information received from people directly involved in an incident, witnesses, friends, or relatives of those involved. If you have a comment, you may report it to us in person, by mail or by telephone. You do not need to give us your name, but we encourage you to do so because we may need to talk to you to get additional information about the incident. If you feel strongly about our agency's performance, positively or negatively, let us know.

David Moore

  • Atkinson County S.O. Investigation “TIP” line: Click Here*

    If you have any information concerning Drugs, Theft, Burglary’s, or any other crime, you can pass on this information to your Atkinson County sheriff Office. (NO) personnel information about you, will be given out to anyone, your email address, name and home address will be kept confidential. If there is an award leading to the arrest of a person, or persons. We will contact you. Thank you for any information you may bring forward, in our efforts in fighting crime in our county.