Sheriff's Posse


During the winter of 2010 a small child had wondered off from his rural Willacoochee home. He was located the next day by family nearly frozen to death.  In July of 2010 an exploratory committee was formed by Sheriff Moore to meet and discuss the need for a mounted search and rescue team in Atkinson County. They met with a mounted posse member from Ware County to discuss what a posse had to do.
On September 14, 2010 a group of horse enthusiasts met at Doylan’s place. They had a desire to use their passion for horses in a way that could return something to their community and help others. Since then a core group has formed that has demonstrated their desire to help people in need. They have trained and met and had some fun.   

Future Opportunities

The Atkinson Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Posse is poised to expand its role in the future. We are listed as a regional resource with the Ga. Sheriff’s Assoc. In the event of a mass casualty event or major gatherings the Posse could be mobilized for area security functions.
The future is wide open for the members of our Posse and we are eager to challenge.

Posse Requirements

In order to participate in actual Posse deployments, each Posse member must complete a two day search and rescue basic course conducted by GEMA. To date all of our active members have completed this course. It teaches basic mapping, topography, compass skills, rope and knot tying skills, search techniques, and team work importance. They cover generic scenarios and strategies to employ on actual searches.

The Chuck Wagon Gang

Hardy Summerlin, Doylan Pittman, Roland Mitchell

These men have a talent for preparing tasty meals. They use this ability to feed the posse. No matter whether the meal is fish, burgers, or BBQ they are the hit at all our meetings. They arrive at all meetings long before the riders and are working while most are on their way home. Our hats off to you gentlemen.

How to Join

If you are an avid horse enthusiast with a desire to help your community and want to join the Posse team, come to Doylan’s Place on one of the meeting nights or contact Sheriff Moore, DQ Pittman, or any other Posse member.


Click here for list of current members

Sheriff Moore & Rooster
DQ Pittman & Misty
Gary Vickers & Little Bit
Buddy Brown & Ted
Jeffery Barnes & Buddy
Julio Martinez & Peppy
Micheal Railey & Casey
Nick Mizell & Patti
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2014 Meeting Dates

Febuary 13th @ Doylan’s
March 15th Ride TBA
May 8th @ Doylan’s
July 12th Ride TBA
August 7th @ Doylan’s
October 18th S&R Training TBA November 13th @ Doylan’s

The Posse meets every third month at Doylan’s Place and every third month at a ride location. On occasion we meet on the off months for an extra ride. Meetings at Doylan’s Place are on Cogdell Hwy near Boone Rd in Pearson. There we discuss training issues, meeting times and places, and conduct Posse business. The meetings always include a meal by the Chuck wagon Gang. The ride meetings usually consist of a dummy hidden with clues left behind. It starts by practice of a grid type search pattern. Posse members form teams and are assigned responsibility for a specific geographic location. Team leaders are elected and strategies are formed. The team follows a strict regiment to find and preserve evidence. They continue their searches until the lost is found. Atkinson Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Posse members are dedicated to their mission.