Past Sheriffs of Atkinson County

Sheriff E.D. Leggett Jan. 1918 till Feb. 1924

Sheriff W.E. Outlaw Apr. 1924 till Dec. 1928

Sheriff Lewis White Jan 1929 till Dec. 1932

Sheriff M.L. Davis Jan. 1933 till June 5, 1950

Sheriff Merrill Higgs Jan. 1950 till Dec. 1960

Sheriff Bryant Taft Jan. 1961 till Dec. 1980

Sheriff Earl E. Haskins Jan. 1981 till Aug. 1992

Sheriff Herman Tucker Aug. 1992 till Dec. 2008

Deputy Berry Palmer

Barry Palmer was a Special Deputy of the Atkinson Sheriff’s Office in 1932. He was killed in an explosion raiding a still in the Roundabout Swamp while serving for Sheriff Lewis White.