Rosie Lynn Courdle

A Mother's Plea

No one knows the loss of a child until they lose one, no matter how they go. When your child's life has been so ruthlessly taken from them, from you, from their family that is a pain you cannot describe. The hurt you feel is beyond words. We have no closure on the murder of our daughter, Rosie Courdle. I ask as a mother and grandmother, if you know anything of her death PLEASE contact the sheriff’s office or GBI.

Mattie Courdle

Rosie Lynn Courdle Gaskins was found murdered on March 7, 2010 on a dirt street off Springhead Hwy inside Willacoochee. Atkinson Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Bureau of Investigation has worked this murder and have run down every lead we can. I ask again for the public’s help in solving this terrible crime. This office will not stop looking for new evidence. I cannot help but think that someone somewhere knows the information we need. You can come by, call 9124223611, or send an email to

Sheriff Moore